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Pre-Sale Roadmap

  • Completed
    1.March 2022

    Partnering with Mirowin Art Studio for 3D turtle creation

  • Completed
    2.April 2022

    Developing art concept and showing first sneak peeks

  • Completed
    3.May 2022

    Signing Johnathan Moffet and Matias Noble as brand ambassadors

  • In progress
    4.June 2022

    Partnerships with launchpads, NFT collections, technical web3 companies, DeFi protocols and more.

  • In progress
    5.June-July 2022

    Hosting community meetings, educational and entertainment events in the metaverse.

  • In queue
    6.June-July 2022

    Rewarding early project adopters with additional drops, giveaways and minting perks.

  • In queue
    7.June-July 2022

    Launching an eco-campaign with out charity partners.

  • In queue
    8.July-August 2022

    Airdropping ARPC token

  • In queue
    9.July-August 2022

    Opening ARPC locations in popular metaverses.

  • In queue
    10.July-August 2022

    Integrating ARPC as a playable character into popular metaverses and web3 brands.

  • In queue
    11.July-August 2022

    Partnerships with clothing brands an other physical manufacturers.

  • In queue
    12.Q3-Q4 2022

    Publishing GameFi strategy.

  • In queue
    13.Q3-Q4 2022

    Proceeding with partnerships and collaborations with brands and ambassadors.

  • In queue
    14.Q3-Q4 2022

    Hosting holders-only events.

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