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Animal Reckless Party Club

ARPC is a metaverse oriented NFT brand aiming to become a "Mickey Mouse" of the web3.

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Own a part of the brand

Imagine you acquired 1% of the Mickey Mouse 70 years ago and benefited from every new cartoon that comes out or every cup and T-shirt that is sold.

ARPC is not just building the brand, we are building the new intelectual property (IP) with every NFT owner as beneficiary.



Expansion happens when powerful players join their forces with the common goal. ARPC has partnered with world-leading metaverses, blockchain games and marketplaces to deliver seamless gaming experience and get closer to the NFT community.

  • Spatial


    The Metaverse for Culture, Exhibitions, Events, and Experiences.

  • Crossmint


    Crossmint allows you to mint right now with your email and credit or debit card.

  • Optic


    Optic monitors blockchains to reveal the origins of any NFT and how it’s been, remixed or copied.

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Museum grade art

With interoperability in mind, our 3D turtles are not just detailed and good looking but also fully metaverse compatible out-of-the-box. Buying the ARPC NFT you are getting a full fledged 3D sculpture.


Buy with credit card

You can buy an NFT without having any crypto. Just choose how many NFTs you want to buy and proceed to checkout with the credit card directly on the website.

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Use your NFT

Our team is constantly working on landing new partnerships and integrating ARPC turtle into various metaverses and blockchain games. Check the list of our partners and join ARPC sub-communities.

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After the sale is done the buyback fund will be initiated. It will guarantee to buy out the NFTs at the minting price if you are willing to get rid of your NFT with no loss.


Affiliate program

Join ARPC affiliate program and earn up to 10% from each NFT sale that you help us to make. Find more details and get your personal link in our Discord

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Animal Reckless Party Club 2022